Friday, January 25, 2008

Brief. Very brief.


Howard v. Kunto
D bought a summer home plat
and P claimed the title did lack
but adverse posession
can be had by succession
if privity allows you to tack

Armory v. Delamirie
A chimneysweep's boy found a stone
and had it appraised as his own.
The jeweler removed it
the judge assumed it
was precious unless the jeweler atoned.

Fisher v. Steward
P hears a buzz and he sees
a tree that is swarming with bees
P gets no money
though he found the honey
'cause D owned the land with the tree

Goddard v. Winchell
Down fell a rock out of space
To the spot the defendant did race
he dug it up from the deep
but the rock he can't keep
'cause P owns the rock's landing place.

Hanna v. Peel
An absentee landlord can't own
a res by soli alone
unless he can swear
he knew it was there
It is "lost" by the usual tone

Songbyrd v. Grossman
Bear steals some tapes full of music
Byrd wants them back so he sues it
but Byrd is too late
for the SoL date
starts running as soon as you lose it.

Civil Procedure

Merrel Dow v. Thompson
When Dow got sued for bad meds
it removed from the state to the Feds
in its disapproval
the court barred removal
for not meeting jurisdictional heads


Lisa said...

I didn't know the limericks would be THAT addicting!!

Anonymous said...

Very funny and helpful. Thanks.

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